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Every tooth has a story to tell ...

About Us - Baby Tooth Land

As the parents of two beautiful children, we have celebrated our share of "baby tooth" moments.

From the moment of joyful elation when we noticed our babies first tooth appear, to the magical tooth fairy transformation when they started to lose their baby teeth.

Call it an obsession as you will, but we think baby teeth are just adorable.  So tiny and cute, so perfectly straight and so flawlessly aligned ! Oh pity they don't stay that way when their adult teeth pops out !

Like precious little pearls, baby teeth are a once in a lifetime treasure that are worthy of being cherished. They embrace the innocence of childhood and capture precious family memories. We remember how my son lost his first tooth - it was punched out by his little sister !! 

Baby Tooth Land was created and is dedicated to helping parents look after, protect and cherish baby teeth.

Baby teeth are important for a child's development - they help in the development of speech, are required for comfortable eating and hold the space for future adult teeth. They also affect a child's smile and can help to build self-confidence and social skills.

Tooth decay is one of the most common and chronic childhood diseases worldwide and is increasing at an alarming rate. Tooth decay is a painful experience for a young child and if baby teeth are lost too early this can create dental problems later on in life. Fortunately tooth decay is preventable through a healthy diet and regular brushing.

Baby Tooth Land is the authorised and exclusive distributor of the following dentist-invented range of products in Australia & New Zealand:

  • Baby Banana – soft & flexible infant and toddler toothbrushes
  • Baby Tooth Album – baby tooth keepsakes to save, organise and cherish baby teeth

Embrace the memories and cherish each "baby tooth" moment ...