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Charities We Support

We love helping parents cherish their children's toothless smiles and are reminded of how blessed we are to have children who can smile ! That is why we are proud to support two non-profit charity of doctors to provide free surgery to under-privileged children with cleft lips, palates and other facial deformities.

Smile Train

Over the past twelve years, Smile Train has provided free cleft surgery to millions of children in the world and has empowered local doctors in over 80 developing countries with free surgical training.

Smile TrainEvery year more than 170,000 are born with clefts and most are too poor to afford surgery. Being born with a cleft in a developing country is truly a curse. In fact, every baby born in Uganda with a cleft is given the name Ajok which literally means "cursed by God". No one knows how many newborns with clefts are killed or abandoned right after birth.

The ones who are lucky enough to find a Smile Train free cleft surgery program not only survive, they thrive. A simple 45 minute surgery gives them back their future and a second chance at life that they never thought possible.

Please visit Smile Train to find out more and to donate to this wonderful charity.

Operation Smile Australia

Operation Smile Australia is a children's medical charity dedicated to improving the lives of children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities in developing countries.

Operation SmileChildren with facial deformities often have difficulty breathing, drinking, eating and speaking. As a result, many suffer from malnutrition, medical and psychological problems. These children often live in shame and isolation, taunted and humiliated by others.

Through their tireless dedication, Operation Smile changes the lives of children forever through a simple operation. Their efforts create new smiles for thousands of children around the world.

For more information and to support this worthy cause, please visit Operation Smile Australia.

Together we can change a child's life, one smile at a time ...