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FAQs about Counterfeit Banana Brushes

How can l identify a counterfeit banana brush?

Often you can identify a fake banana brush based on visible differences in colour, design, quality or packaging. Counterfeit banana brushes also often have a strong plastic smell to them. Please refer to the examples of counterfeit brushes to help spot a counterfeit banana brush.

In many instances, counterfeit manufacturers are also copying the same packaging and fraudulently using the same Live-Right descriptions and images, to make it look almost identical to the real banana brush.

Ultimately if you see a Baby Banana Brush product being sold for “too good to be true” prices, including “free but pay only for delivery” deals, the chances are high that the banana brush is a counterfeit.

We strongly advise customers to only purchase from an authorised Baby Tooth Land stockist or from us directly to be assured that the Baby Banana Brush is genuine.

Don't be fooled by fake Baby Banana Brushes

How is it possible that counterfeit brushes can be sold at drastically cheaper prices than the RRP of genuine Baby Banana Brushes?

Baby Banana Brushes are made of the highest quality food grade silicone and are manufactured to a very high standard of quality. They are made using a dual injection moulding process, which bonds silicone of two different colours into one single mould to create an extremely durable product.  It has been tested by independent testing labs to comply with all the product safety requirements as stipulated by the:

  • American Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (ASTM F963-11)
  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
  • European Product Safety Standards for Toys (EN71)

Baby Banana Brush is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is patented and trademarked internationally.

For counterfeit manufacturers to produce counterfeit banana brushes at drastically cheaper prices could only mean one or more of the following:

  • Does NOT use the highest quality food grade silicone
  • Has NOT been manufactured to the same high quality standards
  • Has NOT been tested in compliance with mandatory product safety standards for physical, mechanical, flammability and toxicity hazards
  • Has NOT been manufactured using a dual injection moulding technology but might instead use glue or an adhesive material to bond the separate colour components
  • Could potentially be a HAZARD and HARMFUL to a child’s health and safety

Counterfeit manufacturers often make claims about the quality of the silicone used (eg. food grade, BPA free) and often fraudulently use the same product descriptions and images. Instead of blindly believing in these claims, ask them to provide the independent test reports to prove that it is indeed BPA-free and is compliant with the international product safety standards.

Is it possible that genuine Baby Banana Brushes are being sold directly from the manufacturing source at a discount?

Based on our investigations, the vast majority of counterfeit banana brushes originate from China. Live-Right does NOT manufacture the Baby Banana Brush in China. Therefore a banana brush offered by a manufacturing source based in China is most definitely a counterfeit.

Live-Right is a US based company and has two manufacturing plants – one in Albany New York and the other in Taiwan. Live-Right has forged a strong relationship with these manufacturers to ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to and that they are not sold directly to the public from these manufacturing plants.

What is Baby Tooth Land and Live-Right doing to combat counterfeit banana brushes?

Baby Tooth Land and Live-Right are committed to removing counterfeit banana brushes from the market and to prevent low-quality products that a potentially harmful to children from reaching uninformed parents.

We work closely to track down and aggressively pursue counterfeit manufacturers and resellers who fraudulently sell counterfeit banana brushes and undermine the integrity of the Baby Banana brand.

We also understand the importance of educating our customers and stockists to be aware of counterfeit banana brushes and engage in various awareness campaigns.

You can help to stop the rampant counterfeiting of the Baby Banana Brush by purchasing only from an authorised Baby Tooth Land stockist or from us directly. If you suspect a reseller is selling a counterfeit banana brush, you can help by informing us.

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